New analog, optical Univibe™ by DLS Effects!

The Versa Vibe-II is based on vintage Optical Technology and offers adjustable Bass Throb, Vibe-blend, and Waveform to dial in any Vibe sound imaginable!   Get those vintage Univibe™ sounds along with the most versatility of any product on the market today!      

Switch between Chorus for those Trower, Hendrix, Gilmour sounds, or Vibrato for pitch bending Vibes.  The Vintage setting achieves fatter-deeper effect & tones, while the Modern setting is slightly brighter.

An internal charge pump circuit increases the analog voltage to achieve warmth with higher headroom.  The Expression pedal input jack accommodates rate control with an external foot pedal.  True switch bypass and a non-polarity 9vdc input jack puts the Versa Vibe-II over the top!

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 25 × 20 × 15 cm

New Pedal analog for guitar, VERSA VIBE II optical Univibe™ by DLS Effects!