The  RotoSPIN by DLS Effects™ creates ultra-real, vintage Rotary Speaker and SRV Vibratone  sounds with dynamic speaker swirl, grind, and DopplerTM Effect!  This effect is exactly what Leslie™ and Vibratone enthusiasts desire!  

Dial in multiple cabinet sounds & Mic distances using the Tweeter Intensity and, Bass Rotor Level. Rotation speeds are set via the Fast, Slow, and Ramp controls. A switchable Overdrive adds grit and edge like vintage rotary tube amps. Use OUTA (thicker), or OUTB (brighter), or both for a wide (((DLS Stereo)))!   The DLS designers use high quality capacitors and circuitry to achieve the best warmth, swirl and tone! 

*Leslie is a registered trademark of Hammond Corp.

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 25 × 20 × 15 cm