1980 Boss OD-1 – Silverscre in mint condition, original box and documents

Serial number: 920 (insidecode is 9500)

The Boss OD-1 Silverscrew pedal, produced during the 1980s, is a legendary overdrive pedal that has become an icon in the world of guitar effects. Its distinctive silver-colored screw on the top plate has given it its unique name.

The OD-1 Silverscrew is designed to provide warm and smooth overdrive tones, perfect for blues, rock, and various other genres that require a touch of grit and sustain. It features a compact and robust metal enclosure, typical of Boss pedals of that era, ensuring durability and reliability for both studio and live performances.

The pedal offers three main control knobs: Level, Tone, and Overdrive. The Level knob allows you to adjust the overall output volume of the pedal, while the Tone knob enables you to shape the tonal character of the overdriven sound. Turning it clockwise boosts the high frequencies, adding brightness and bite, while turning it counterclockwise provides a warmer and darker tone.

The Overdrive knob is the heart of the pedal, controlling the amount of gain and saturation. By turning it clockwise, you can increase the intensity and sustain, pushing your amp into natural overdrive territory. At lower settings, the OD-1 Silverscrew delivers a mild and smooth overdrive, ideal for adding a touch of warmth to your tone without overwhelming it.

One of the defining characteristics of the OD-1 Silverscrew is its responsiveness to playing dynamics. It interacts well with your guitar’s volume knob, allowing you to go from clean to crunchy with just a roll of the guitar’s volume control. This versatility makes it a favorite choice among guitarists who value the ability to control their dynamics on the fly.

The Boss OD-1 Silverscrew pedal has left a lasting impact on the music industry, with its distinct sound and reliable performance. It has found its place on countless pedalboards and has been used by renowned guitarists across a wide range of genres. Whether you’re seeking a vintage ’80s tone or looking to add some classic overdrive flavor to your modern rig, the Boss OD-1 Silverscrew is a sought-after pedal that continues to be highly regarded by guitarists and collectors alike.


Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 10 cm