Klon Centaur "Gold" non Horsie

Serial number: 3209


In the 1990s, the American engineer Bill Finnegan sought an overdrive pedal that would recreate the harmonically rich distortion of a guitar amplifier at a high volume. He wanted a "big, open" sound, with a "hint of tube clipping", that would not sound like a pedal was being used. He experimented with theIbanez Tube Screamer, but was not satisfied.

The Gold Klon Centaur is a highly sought-after and iconic overdrive pedal known for its rich, transparent tone and legendary status among guitarists. While the original Klon Centaur had a horse graphic on its enclosure, the non-horsie version features a sleek, gold finish without any additional artwork.

The Gold Klon Centaur non-horsie maintains the same distinctive circuitry and sound characteristics that have made the Klon Centaur renowned in the guitar community. It is known for its ability to enhance the natural tone of the guitar and amp, adding a touch of warmth, clarity, and smooth overdrive.

The pedal is housed in a durable metal enclosure with a striking gold color, exuding elegance and sophistication. It features three main controls: Gain, Treble, and Output. The Gain knob adjusts the amount of overdrive saturation, ranging from a subtle boost to a mild crunch. The Treble control allows for precise shaping of the high frequencies, enabling players to dial in the perfect tonal balance. The Output knob determines the overall volume level of the effect, ensuring the pedal can be seamlessly integrated into any setup.

One of the distinguishing features of the Klon Centaur is its dynamic response, reacting to the player's touch and playing dynamics. It retains clarity and articulation even at higher gain settings, making it a versatile choice for various musical genres, from blues and rock to country and beyond.

The Gold Klon Centaur non-horsie is known for its rarity and desirability, with a reputation for commanding high prices in the vintage gear market. It has become a staple on countless pedalboards of professional musicians and has left an indelible mark on the world of guitar tone.


  • Excellent original condition
  • Fully functional
  • Including power supply converter cable
  • No original certificate
  • No original box
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