1958 GIBSON Les Paul Junior – Sunburst 

Serial number: 8 1162

Cosmetic Condition: Very good, light play wear for its age. There are a few dings on headstock and body.

Upgrades/modifications: Original Kluson Deluxe Tuners with new addedrepro “Cream” Buttons.


The 1958 Gibson Les Paul Junior electric guitar is a highly regarded and iconic model known for its simplicity, robust construction, and exceptional sound. Here are the key features and characteristics of this classic instrument:

Design and Build
  • Body: The 1958 Les Paul Junior features a solid mahogany body, which contributes to its rich, warm tone. The body has a single-cutaway design that provides easy access to the upper frets.
  • Finish: This model is typically found in a sunburst finish, officially known as “Tobacco Sunburst,” but it was also available in a simple cherry red finish. The finish has aged gracefully over the years, often developing a unique patina and wear that adds to its vintage appeal.
Neck and Fingerboard
  • Neck: The neck is also made of mahogany, contributing to the guitar’s sustain and overall tonal quality. It has a chunky, substantial feel typical of late ’50s Gibson necks.
  • Fingerboard: The fingerboard is made of Brazilian rosewood, known for its smooth playing surface and rich, dark appearance. It features simple dot inlays.
Electronics and Hardware
  • Pickup: The guitar is equipped with a single P-90 pickup in the bridge position. The P-90 is a single-coil pickup known for its punchy, aggressive tone with a midrange growl that suits a wide range of genres, from blues to rock.
  • Controls: It has a straightforward control layout with one volume knob and one tone knob, allowing players to easily dial in their desired sound.
  • Bridge: The bridge is a wraparound tailpiece, a simple yet effective design that enhances the guitar’s sustain and resonance.
  • Tuners: The tuners are vintage-style Kluson tuners, which were standard on Gibson guitars of this era.
Sound and Playability
  • Tone: The Les Paul Junior is known for its raw, powerful sound. The mahogany body and P-90 pickup combination produce a rich, full tone with plenty of bite. The guitar excels at delivering a straightforward, unadulterated sound that responds well to the player’s dynamics and touch.
  • Playability: With its comfortable neck profile and straightforward design, the 1958 Les Paul Junior is highly playable, making it a favorite among both beginners and seasoned players.

The 1958 Gibson Les Paul Junior holds a special place in the history of electric guitars. It was originally marketed as a student model, but over the decades, it has become cherished by professional musicians and collectors alike for its simplicity, durability, and remarkable sound quality. Its minimalist design and powerful performance have inspired countless guitarists and solidified its status as a classic rock ‘n’ roll instrument.


  • Original sunburst nitro lacquer finish
  • Solid mahogany body
  • Glossy medium C shaped mahogany neck
  • Brazilian rosewood fretboard – pearloid dot inlays
  • Setneck full-scale – 62.5cm
  • Scale length is 24 3/4”

  • Nut width is 43mm
  • Neck depth at 1st fret is 0.93″ / 0.98” at 12th fret
  • 12.00″ fingerboard radius
  • 22 original frets in good playing condition
  • P90 pickup with “dog-ear” cover
  • Pickup measurements – 8.38kΩ
  • Pot codes* are dated to 1958
  • 2 original Amber Top Hat Knobs – volume/tone
  • Wraparound tailpiece
  • Original Kluson Deluxe Tuner – Repro Cream Tuner Buttons
  • Original black Pickguard with 3 screw holes
  • Weight is 7.187 Lb or 3.260 kg
  • Original Gibson Cardboard Alligator case

All guitars are professionally inspected and set up, ensuring optimal playability and performance.

* Manufacturing date codes and interior pics are available per request: e-mail