Description by Eigo Matsuo:

This pedal is a further development and evolution of the muzz face (now renamed Cashew Nuts FUZZ), Lemon & Ginger’s first product.

I based this pedal on the most popular model, with BC183A transistors. I kept the main tonal characteristics of the muzz face BC183A: a sound that doesn’t get buried in the band with its rampant fuzz tone. Additionally, I was able to use techniques and incorporate ideas into this pedal that I didn’t have when I started the Lemon & Ginger.

Trilogy Fuzz Pedals

I am planning to release three types of fuzz pedals that have been further developed and evolved, while maintaining the characteristics and special tones of my fuzz pedals. This pedal will be the first of the trilogy.


In a typical Fuzz Face circuit, the VOLUME circuit not only adjusts the volume, but also forms a filter circuit. This means that the tone of the pedal is affected when the VOLUME is turned down. In this pedal, I have inserted a buffer circuit between the distortion circuit and the VOLUME circuit, so that the pedal does not lose its high frequencies, even when the VOLUME is turned down.

In addition, I use OS capacitors as decoupling capacitors in the power supply section to cut excess noise.
Finally, I use metal film resistors in the DC power supply section to achieve a stable pedal tone.


The distinctive design of the jack section of this pedal is not only attractive, but also practical. It provides more space at the top of the pedal, and keeps the switch and knobs apart, which reduces the possibility of nudging the controls when you step on the switch.

By tucking the jacks inside, I was also able to make the pedal more compact. Depending on the pedal board you use, you can drop the wires down and send the cables to the back of the board.


VOLUME : Volume
PREGAIN : Pre-gain
FUZZ : Gain

Power Jack

Battery and center negative 9V power

Handmade Pedals From Tokyo

“At Lemon & Ginger, everything from pedal design to building and painting is done solely by me.

From Tokyo to the world.”

Eigo Matsuo

Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 24 × 16 × 12 cm