Macmull Heartbreaker HB-C T-Style

Relic - P90 - Superlight - Vintage Burst

Serial # 062105

Condition: VERY GOOD

Upgrade: NONE

Original price: $ 5900

Handcrafted with meticulous detail by the luthiers of Macmull Guitars, This Heartbreaker P90 combines vintage feel and sound with modern playability. Made using only the very best tonewoods and materials, there is no doubt this is one of the finest T style guitars available on the market today.

Macmull RVT System (Real Vintage Tone)


  • Model: Heartbreaker P-90
  • Body: Alder
  • Neck Material: One Piece Premium Maple
  • Fingerboard Material: Madagascar Rosewood
  • Pickguard: Solid Tortoiseshell
  • Neck Profile: Macmull Thick C (0.867" at 1st fret - 0.955" at 12th fret)
  • Nut Width: Standard Spacing: Nut Width 1.65"- 2.19" at 21st fret
  • Fingerboard Radius: 9.5"
  • Frets: Jescar 55090 (Medium High)
  • Finish: Macmull Vintage Burst
  • Back / Sides Finish: Macmull Chocolate Brown
  • Headstock Option: Macmull Original Blackface / Golden Silkscreen Logo
  • Aging: Soft Relic / Gloss
  • Pickups: Macmull RVT P90 Set
  • Bridge: Half Heartbreaker Bridge
  • Neckplate Engraving: Standard Macmull Engraving
  • Strings: D’Addario NYXL .010–0.46
  • Case: Custom Macmull G&G Hardcase


A part of what makes Macmull guitars so special is the RVT System. This system was implemented to recreate the tones of legendary vintage guitars effectively and consistently. The key element to this is to understand and control the relationship between all the parts that come together to make a guitar, from the woods to the electronics.

The first part of this is the patient and meticulous body and neck matching that Macmull curates with every single guitar. Woodgrain, weight, age when cut, moisture levels and frequency response are all considered until a good balance is achieved. If the luthiers do not believe a body or neck matches up to the level they expect they are not afraid to start again.

The second part of this is finding the right electronic parts for each guitar individually. Every pickup set is manufactured and paired to a specific guitar. No two Macmulls are the same. From the voicing of the pickups to the values of the pots and cap. Everything is chosen for a reason.

Lightweight Premium Tonewoods.

It’s no secret that guitars start as a piece of raw timbre! One of the most highly regarded factors in choosing a piece of timbre for Macmull Guitars is its weight. All Macmull Heartbreakers are guaranteed to be between 7.16-7.7lbs, in other words… Light!

“We strongly believe that a wooden instrument has to be lightweight in order to be dry-sounding and punchy with a very sharp attack, that is the starting point to all of our guitars". Sharon Levi of Macmull Guitars.

Incredible Tone !

What determines the overall sound of a guitar?

To Macmull Guitars the most logical answer is; good wood and construction with high-quality pickups and electronic components. Whist Macmull absolutely provides all of the above, they also take into consideration the relationship between the parts.

Macmull adjusts the electronics individually for each guitar, in order to retain the true sound of the wood chosen and to lift those vintage-sounding characters. To do this they choose from a variety of Alnico magnets and wire gauges, aiming to end up with a medium output that allows for plenty of headroom when you turn up the amplifier.

But it all comes back to the wood: “Each type of alnico will produce a different frequency response,” says Levi. “We set those not to colour or interfere with the true nature of the wood.


Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 125 × 20 × 48 cm