1965 Gibson SG Polaris White

Serial # 505079

Condition: NEAR MINT – very few dings, hard to find, nicely conserved mid 60s SG Special example in rare colour.

Upgrades/modifications: repro switchtip in black


This splendid all original 1965 Gibson SG Special is in very clean, near mint condition. The “Polaris White” finish has kept its full beauty and has almost not faded to darker color, it is still glossy, with a slight patina and a minimal amount of light checking and, only noticeable upon close inspection.

There are just very few dings and dongs around the body, but even those are nicely aged and gives it its cool vintage character. This guitar is very special and got great vibes!

The serial number and potentiometer codes date clearly to the year of 1965.

The body is a one-piece slab of Honduran Mahogany, as is the neck. The fingerboard which features the original frets is made of Brazilian Rosewood, typical of the period, and features binding and dot position markers.

The black pickguard and all other plastic parts are super clean and crack-free.

The original P-90 pickups, pots and 3-way switch are untouched with original factory soldering.

There is a reason for, that Muddy Waters played one of these models in 1965, it got amazing warm singing tone, it’s a real blues machine but still very versatile too!

The original rectangular black case with orange plush lining is still in very good condition, comes with the original hang tags, polish cloth, strap, cable, and keys.


The Gibson SG (Solid Guitar) was first introduced in 1961 as a replacement for the Gibson Les Paul model. The Les Paul was temporarily discontinued due to declining sales, and the SG was designed to be a sleeker, more modern-looking instrument. The SG quickly gained popularity and became one of Gibson’s most iconic and enduring guitar models.

In 1965, Gibson offered the SG Special Polaris White as one of the available finishes for the SG Special model. The SG Special was a more affordable version of the SG Standard, featuring a slightly thinner body and a simplified set of features.

The Polaris White finish on the SG Special Polaris White was a distinctive and rare option for the guitar. It featured a solid white color that gave the guitar a clean and elegant appearance. The finish was achieved using nitrocellulose lacquer, which was the standard finish used by Gibson at the time.

The 1965 Gibson SG Special Polaris White would have featured a mahogany body and neck, with a rosewood fingerboard. It typically had two P-90 single-coil pickups, a tune-o-matic bridge, and a stop tailpiece. The SG Special Polaris White also featured the iconic double-cutaway SG body shape, which allowed for easier access to the higher frets.

The SG Special Polaris White is highly regarded among guitar enthusiasts and collectors for its vintage appeal and unique finish. Vintage examples in good condition can be quite valuable and sought after by players and collectors alike.

It’s worth noting that Gibson has produced various reissues and iterations of the SG Special Polaris White over the years, so if you come across a newer model with the same finish, it may not necessarily be a vintage instrument from 1965.


  • Polaris White
  • 1-Piece double-cutaway mahogany body
  • 1-Piece mahogany neck (setneck) full-scale – 62.5cm
  • Nut width is 1-5/8″ (41mm) – Narrow
  • Scale length is 25.5”
  • Neck depth at 1st fret is 0.85”/ 1.006” at 12th fret
  • Frets in perfect condition
  • Pearloid dot inlays
  • 3 in a Row Atrip tuners
  • Dual P90 pickups  (untouched solder joints)
  • 500k linear audio taper pots dated to 39th week of 1965
  • 4 reflector tp hat black knobs
  • TPBR-85 (Gibson Stairstep Wrap around Bridge Tailpiece Chrome)
  • Vibrato tailpiece
  • 3-ply black pick-guard
  • Weight; 2.915 kg / 6.426 lbs
  • Original rectangular black case with orange plush lining

All guitars are professionally inspected and set up, ensuring optimal playability and performance.

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