1965 Fender Princetone Blackface tube-amplifier  

Serial number: A 08487

Cosmetic condition: CLEAN 

Upgrades/modifications: NONE –all original

Serviced: YES 


There is not much to say about this amp, it is in all original condition without any modifications, incl. original foot-switch.


The 1965 Fender Princeton, also known as the “blackface” era Princeton, is a highly sought-after vintage guitar amplifier that holds a significant place in the history of Fender’s amplifier lineup. The “blackface” era refers to a specific period in the mid-1960s when Fender transitioned from the earlier “brownface” amplifiers to a new cosmetic design featuring a black control plate, hence the term “blackface.”

The 1965 Fender Princeton is a compact and portable amplifier, renowned for its exceptional tone and versatility. It is part of Fender’s “Princeton” series, which includes other models like the Princeton Reverb and Princeton Deluxe. The blackface era Princetons are widely regarded for their clear, warm, and responsive sound that has become synonymous with the Fender brand.

In terms of construction, the 1965 Princeton features a traditional “tolex” covered cabinet, usually finished in black, with a silver grille cloth. It has a single 10-inch speaker, offering a balanced sound that can handle both clean tones and mild overdrive with ease. The amplifier is powered by two 6V6GT power tubes, which contribute to its characteristic sweet and dynamic sound. The preamp section consists of two 7025 (12AX7) tubes, delivering classic Fender cleans and touch-sensitive response.

The control panel of the 1965 Fender Princeton is located on the top of the amp and includes several essential knobs. It typically features a volume control, a treble control, and a bass control, allowing players to shape their tone to their liking. Additionally, there are often knobs for reverb intensity and speed (if equipped with reverb), as well as a tremolo speed and intensity control (if equipped with tremolo).

The 1965 Fender Princeton is known for its ability to deliver beautiful cleans and a touch-sensitive response, making it a popular choice among guitarists in various genres. It is particularly prized for its ability to take pedals exceptionally well, allowing players to achieve a wide range of tones and effects.

Due to their vintage status and excellent sound quality, the 1965 Fender Princeton amplifiers have become highly collectible and sought-after by both players and collectors alike. They continue to inspire guitarists with their classic Fender tone, making them an iconic piece of music history.


  • Modell: AA764/110V
  • Blackface frontpanel
  • Black Tolex
  • Original circuit
  • Original transformers
  • Original 1x 10′ original Oxford speaker (465-515 = 15th week of 1965)
  • TubeChart: #6/AA764 OH
  • Tube layout: GZ34 + 2x 6V6GT / 13AX7 + 12AX7 + 13 AT7 + 7025
  • Inputs: 2x Inst.
  • Controls: Volume/Treble/Bass/Reverb/Speed/Intensity
  • Original Footswitch Rev/Trem)

* Manufacturing date codes and interior pics are available per request: e-mail